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About Kinnaur Sangla Valley

As we all know that Kinnaur is the one of famous district in the 12 administrative district of Himachal pradesh. Kinnaur, surrounded by the Tibet to the east, is in the northeast corner of Himachal Pradesh, about 235 km (146 mi) from the state capital, Shimla. It has three high mountains ranges, namely, Zanskar, Himalayas and Dhauldhar that enclose valleys of Sutlej, Spiti, Baspa and their tributaries. In Kinnaur tour packages we will provide the visit to all popular destinations fo Kinnaur. Kinnauris situated 250 km from Shimla where cultureand language of the people is different from other parts of the state. It is surrounded by the natural scenic beauty of Tibet and cold desert mountains that attracts the visitors at the first place. After visiting this place tourists get mesmerized with the enchanctingbeauty of nature. That's why kinnauris recommended as the best destination by the tourists all over the world.

One of the most fascinating cities in Himachal Pradesh, Kinnaur is decked with a number of rivers, valleys, lofty peaks, lakes, and lush greenery. You can witness various colorful festivals that are celebrated here round the year. Kinnaur is also a nice place for shopping, as you can pick up some excellent handicraft items and fruits here. A perfect destination for trekking, Kinnaur should be ideally visited between the months of April and October. Come on a Kinnaur Tour, and you will have an unforgettable experience exploring this beautiful city. Also Kinnaur is the one of the most famous tourist place where the tourist from all over India Loves to visit. The Popularity of Kinnaur is so wide that even the tourist from several countries also loves to visit here and enjoy the Beauty of this small place of Devbhumi Himachal pradesh. According to myth, the Kinners are descendants of the Pandavas beings halfway between men and gods that possess supernatural powers. They also claim descent from the Rajput, Khosias, and Beru castes. The cultural researchist and nature explorer both has got the best destination for their desirable interest.

Kinnaur relapsed into secluded splendor till the British governor general of India, Lord Dalhousie, set about creating the ambitious Indio-Tibet border road in 1850. From a narrow track, this grew to become the life line of the area.Given the proximity to Tibet, it is not surprising that there are strong cultural and religious links with that distinctive land. These have manifested themselves in dress, language, architecture, culture, customs and most visibly in religion. The main body of Hinduism has been embellished with several Budhist practices. It is common to find images of the Buddha and other dities and saints of Buddhism, with those of Hindu gods. One can see Hindu gods being worshipped side by side with Buddhist deities in Buddhist and Hindu temples. From the riotous green of the Sangla Valley filled with orchards of apricots, peaches, chilgozas and apples to the magnificent desolation of the Hangrang Valley, Mother Nature's portrait is an ever changing one in Kinnaur. This land lying on the ancient trade route between India and Tibet, ringed by the majestic mountain of the Himalayan and Dhauladhar range is the land of plenty. The gushing rivers of Kinnaur abound in Trout-the angler's prize catch, their waters have over the centuries chiseled beautiful gorges across this picturesque land and nurtured one of the most unique societies on there banks. In the lush land live the descendants of the Kinners-the demi gods of the Hindu pantheon, whose deeds have been immortalized in epics and the poems of ancient Sanskrit poets.

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Kinnaur Tour packages : Places to Visit In Kinnaur - Tourist Attractions in Kinnaur Sangla Kalpa Chitkul

Following are some of the famous tourist attractions in Kinnaur, which you can visit while on a Kinnaur Tour packages for includes Various tourist places to visit in Kinnuar sangla kalpa.

Recong Peo (2,290 metres)

It is the district headquarters of Kinnaur valley, and faces the famous Mt. Kinner Kailash (6,050 metres) considered as the home of Lord Shiva, Mt. Jorkhandan (6,473 metres). As close to Tibet, the life style and the religion of inhabitants has been influenced by Buddhism. There is a big market in Recong Peo which affords you everything you need and if some one has omitted to get the Inner Lines permit (to enter the restricted area) this is the last place to get possible place to get it before heading further into the valley towards Spiti.

Kalpa (2,960 metres) Places to Visit in Kalpa

Kalpa is the Most famous city of Kinnaur district which is known for its Buddhist culture, Buddha Temple. Kalpa is dramatically located close to the foot of 6050 meter high Kinner Kailash. This is the legendary winter home of Shiva and the beauty of this city becomes more gorgeous in the morning and evening time with the snowy peaks and gold light. The oldest village in Kinnaur valley, earlier it was known as Chini. The village came into prominence when it was visited by the British Governor-General, Lord Dalhousie (1848-1856). The village is covered with thick pine forests and is famous for chilgozas (Dry fruits) and apple orchards. Kalpa is considered the best village to have a look of Mt. Kinner Kailash (6,050 metres) and Mt. Jorkhandan (6,473 metres). A visit to the monastery and children’s orphanage at the village is worthwhile.

Sangla Valley (2,680 metres) Things to Do in Sangla-Places to See Near Sangla

Sangla valley is famous for its forestry area which is situated on the right bank of Baspa river and the Journey from Karcham onwards is enjoyable and adventurous throughout the valley because of its natural scenery all around and the eternal snow view are picturesque. People loves to do trekking here. Is the most strikingly beautiful valleys of Himalayas, named after the main village “Sangla” in the valley. This is the most charming valley in the entire District of Kinnaur. The natural scenery all around and the eternal snow view are picturesque and charming. Due to Baspa river flowing in the valley it is also known as Baspa Sangla valley. Like the rest of the Kinnaur, there are no urban centres in the valley and people practice an unusual mix of Trans Himalayan culture (Hinduism and Buddhism together). Towards Chitkul the valley is fairly populous and cultivated. This valley, with its beautiful village and with only a few tourists, is the best in the world to visit.

Chitkul village (3,450 metres) Places To Visit in Chitkul

It is one of the most beautiful villages in Baspa Sangla valley and is the last village on the Indo- Tibet border. It is like a fairy tale. The old houses, the fields, the magnificent view of the snow capped mountain peaks, the bewitching scenery and the internal snow views are memorable sites for visitors. This is the last and highest village in the Baspa valley. It is situated on the right bank of Baspa river. There is a road along the left bank from Karcham. There are 3 temples of local goddess Mathi, the main ones are said to have been constructed about 500 years ago. Chhitkul is a very beautyful place 30 km away from Sangla towards China border. This is the last village of India in the region. The smooth Baspa river is flowing through the village and from the village many glaciars can be seen. The village has a very beautyful temple too which makes the village very pretty.

Nako (3,662 metres)

In the upper Kinnaur valley, this is one of the most fascinating villages. The village is built around a beautiful small lake surrounded by willow and poplar trees. The desolate mountains of other side reflect in the lake. The tourist enjoys picturesque beauty of nature at Nako. As the lake freezes in winters so the local inhabitants play ice-skating and other games on the frozen lake. There are a couple of monasteries in the village which are of 11 centuries old. Nako has a small monastery with a foot impression of Guru Padmasambhava on a small rock inside the monastery. Prayers flags fluttering in high winds, snow covered peaks reflecting in the lake water provide a beautiful natural scene for visitors.

Kamru Village & Fort

Kamru village is a dense cluster of houses and is surrounded by fields and apple and apricot orchards. The main village gate has an image of the Buddha, whose blessings are sought before entering the confines of the village. A series of low gates through the village leads to the tower fort of Kamru that rises five stories high. The fort presents a magnificent view of the valley. The temple gates are highly decorated with wooden carvings of different Hindu deities and Lord Buddha.

Moorang (2,591 metres)

This village is situated 39 kms. away from Kalpa on the left bank of river Satluj. The location is very beautiful and approach to this picturesque village is through apricot orchards. The local deity is Urmig and there are three structures dedicated to the deity each existing in Thwaring, Garmang and Shilling. Generally these are empty as the ark of the deity remains in the fort. On a sacred day the ark is taken to the above named places. The ark has got 18 'mukh', made of silver, gold and brass. The 18 mukh represents the 18 days of the great epic Mahabharat.

Wildlife Sanctuaries

There are 3 well-known wildlife sanctuaries in Kinnaur, including the Lipa-Asrang sanctuary, Rakchham Chhitkul sanctuary, and Rupi Bhaba sanctuary. Dotted with multifarious forest types, these sanctuaries provide shelter to several faunal species.

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Our Tour Packages for Kinnaur Sangla

Our Kinnaur tour Packages is divided into following day wise scheduling so that you can enjoy the eternal beauty of Kinnaur valley and its surrounding. Our Kinnaur Tour Package is include following packages like

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» Trip to Chandigarh Shimla Kinnaur Tour package which is of 5 nights and 6 Days

» Trip to Lahaul Spiti Chandrataal Manali Tour which is of 11 nights and 12 Days

» Trip to Spiti Holiday Tour Package which is of 7 nights and 8 Days

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